Clippers restructure front office, promote Doc Rivers to president -


The Los Angeles Clippers have restructured their front office, with Doc Rivers' title changing from senior vice president of basketball operations to president, the team announced on Monday. (From John Raffo 8:10PM): One assumes it's Rivers making the decision, so basically, he just gave himself a promotion. Perhaps more significantly, Dave Wohl was named General Manager and Gary Sacks was demoted to Assistant GM. I'd be surprised if Sacks hung around but then there's those 2 year contracts that Shelly Sterling allegedly negotiated for Sacks and Eric Miller when she made the deal with Steve Ballmer. One might guess that this is all happening with Ballmer in the loop, but who the hell knows. All the Sterlings (and Miller) need to do the honorable thing, walk to the nearest exit and jump off a bridge. Sooner would be better than later.

My wife had a custom shirt made for my birthday


She had a mutual friend design and print this shirt for me. If anyone is interested in one for themselves, I can put you in contact with him. He made me a second one using glow-in-the-dark ink, but I gave it to my brother.

Fox Sports survey for Clippers fans


Not sure what they're trying to gauge with this survey, but there's talk about a new TV deal due soon.



You revealed that players from both teams planned to stage a dramatic protest after the tip-off. What did they have in mind? It would have gone down in history as a stance against what was said, and rightfully so. That was the day they (NBA officials) were announcing the punishment, the morning of our game. Our players and their players got together and the plan was if the punishment was not sufficient, when the referee threw the ball up nobody would jump, the ball would hit the ground and both sides would head to the locker room and not play. It would have been very interesting.

Australian basketball star Andrew Bogut opens up on life in the NBA | Herald Sun

Fly Away


Another piece of DMiles fall from stardom!...just trying to break up the monotony of DTS stories….

Sterling to sue league anyway


Here's wishing you guys the best from Sacramento. Hopefully this ends quickly and painlessly.

Donald Sterling to drop lawsuit, agree to Clippers sale


Its over. It is finally over. Sterling Finally accepts defeat. We don't have to worry about this crap being dragged out in court though the way Shelly stuck it to him, I do not see how it could.



Donald signs over team to Shelly, approves her selling the team. HOLY S%$T! Hopefully she sells the whole team otherwise no deal, but could this possibly be the beginning of the end?

DTS and His Wife Trying Anything They Can


Hope this doesn't make it harder to get rid of them!