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Silly Jazz fans

per TMXZ: CP3 and DJ in minor car accident.


Chris Paul & DeAndre Jordan In Car Accident ... Person Hospitalized (PHOTOS)

— TMZ (@TMZ) December 27, 2016

Ballmer nearing first-ever deal to keep Clippers’ streaming rights


Looks like Ballmer is going to get his way and get the streaming rights to Clippers game. We know the team's popularity is growing; but are there enough of us to make it a revenue stream?

JJ's The Vertical Podcast - Blake Griffin


Checkout Blake on JJ's podcast. They don't talk about the punching incident, but there's some other pretty interesting tidbits in this one. Enjoy!

Clippers Off-Season Report


Hey all Please have a read of my off-season report for the Clippers, posted via The Four Point Play. Interested in your thoughts!

Matias Testi, equipment manager and breaker of hands, will not return to the Clippers

Thank you to citizen Vobre for writing this fanshot on a topic we did not cover on the front page. Obviously, the opinions he wrote below are his own, and not ours at Clips Nation. --Lucas Hann So a friend of mine has a friend that knows Matias well, and when I learned of this connection I immediately asked my friend if he knew what Matias said to Blake that precipitated a punch to his face. Apparently they were joking around, as reported, and Matias jokingly said that Blake should just stay injured since the team was doing better without him. Blake didn't think it was funny, perhaps since the facts fit, and when you he couldn't use facts, he used his fists. Just to be clear, the team's better with Griffin. Anyway, can anyone else corroborate this story? Or have those specifics already been reported?

Kevin Eastman retires


The assistant coach and vice president of basketball operations Kevin Eastman is retiring from the team, as per the L.A. Times.