Cat Mobley at Drew League


Haven't seen footages of him in a while and I guess his heart condition really took a toll. It's great to see him running well, balling and blocking shots though. Always liked his ability, tenacity and was a great presence alongside Sam I Am for our young roster at the time. By the way he would absolutely flourish in the small-ball era that we live in today, don't you think?

The Lowe Post with JJ Redick


JJ Redick talks DJ, last year's playoff meltdown, and how he was almost a Wolf on the Lowe Post with Zach Lowe.

Paul Pierce: How It Went Down


On the Players Tribune, Paul Pierce "wrote" down the story of DeAndre Jordan's free agency. It's a must "read" for all Clippers fans--you'll love it and it'll make you love this team even more.

JJ Redick on The Lowe Post


Redick returns to Zach Lowe's podcast, and tells a pretty entertaining story about what happened with DeAndre in Houston on Wednesday.

JJ Redick gives offseason an F


JJ Redick graded the Clippers offseason an F after losing DJ. Appreciate the honesty.

Paul Pierce 'Likely' to Sign With the Clippers


With Paul Pierce opting out of his $5.5 million player option with the Washington Wizards, it may strongly suggest that the former NBA champion will reunite with his former head coach in Los Angeles.'s David Aldridge reports:

"The expectation among many around the league remains Pierce will wind up in L.A. with the Clippers."

Signing Pierce would likely mean that the Clippers have finally found a consistent threat at small forward when the playoffs roll around. Last season, Pierce averaged 14.6 points and 4.2 rebounds per game in the postseason.

New Logo?


Is this real?

Horrible logo is official!...unfortunately


Maybe it is ahead of its time. ..or maybe it's as trendy as Windows 2000 business edition. ..

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers, one year after sale #QUICKCLIPS


Just in case you wan the latest on Shelly's life...didn't get a chance to put it in today's DC. Enjoy. #QUICKCLIPS