BLAKE GRIFFIN INJURED?!?!?!?! missed the scrimmage and i was reading up on it at the clippers website and in the comments section it said blake injured himself after and was limping to the locker room?!?!?!? please say it ain't so......

FO Did Not Call Butler Before Trade

Butler soon saw the news on the crawl on TV. No one from the Clippers’ front office has called him, Butler said. "I don’t leave with bitterness or anything, but a phone call would have helped the situation," said Butler, who two summers ago signed a three-year, $24 million free-agent deal to play for the Clippers before the club’s fortuitous, franchise-changing trade for CP3. "But it’s cool, it’s no hard feelings because that’s the nature of the business. Butler Embraces Leading Suns, Beasley « Hang Time Blog |

Michael Eaves has left the building?

Add to last week's working list of mainstream US journalists now at Al Jazeera America: Michael Eaves, formerly the host of "Clippers Live" and "Angels Live" for Fox Sports West and sideline reporter on Lakers and Dodgers broadcasts. IF you follow Clippers broadcasters, you might have noticed that Michael Eaves, has posted a lot of stories from the upcoming Al-Jazerah America network. I could not find anything official from him, FSN, nor the Clippers stating that he has left his "Clippers Live" and "Angels Live" duties, but the few times I’ve tuned into Angels games, he is not on. Only thing I’ve seen is this blip from Another clue is the fact his twitter info is missing from the FoxSports talent page. I am sorry to see Michael leave has I thought he was a true pro (as true a sport someone can be on a team’s broadcast). I have not seen anything on who will take his place. Anyone care to share some ideas/wishes? Ralph reads the site you know!! Right, Ralph!? Morning Buzz: Monday 8.5.13 - LA Observed

Prime ticket Clipper telecast wins Emmy


Happy to say Clipper telecasts on Prime Ticket just won an Emmy in LA.

Ralph Lawler @Ohmeomy



Clips sign Darren Collison


Traded! Bledsoe and Caron for Reddic and Dudley!


Traded! Bledsoe and Caron for Reddic and Dudley!

Adrian Wojnarowski ‏@WojYahooNBA 40s Clippers, Bucks and Phoenix have reached agreement on a three-team deal, sources tell Y!

Boston Herald article: Doc Rivers, C’s planned for early exit


"(He) had to say those things," said one source. "That’s what the team wanted to project, and that was part of the reason for the five-year contract when they knew it probably wasn’t going to be (completed). The Celtics also knew if he wanted to step down, they’d be able to get something for him if he wanted another job before the fifth year was up."


Bad news?


Celts press conference coming today with Ainge and Rivers only, per ESPN radio




Clippers have yet to speak with George Karl, but he is still considered a strong candidate

Ramona Shelburne

Good news is Barnes wants to stay, but pick Karl


@EricPincus: I hear Odom/Barnes - who both want to stay - lobbying for B-Shaw @basketballtalk