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Film Room

A composite breakdown of game film of players and games featuring the Los Angeles Clippers.

Film Room Flashback Friday: DJ Destroys Mavs

On March 7, 2016, DeAndre Jordan dominated the Dallas Mavericks

Film Room: Chris Paul proves why details matter

in a 109-98 victory over the Portland Trailblazers, see how little details separate Chris Paul from other point guards.

Film Room: DeAndre Jordan takes us to DunkyTown

In the blowout win over the Philadelphia 76ers, DeAndre Jordan dunked the ball a season-high 9 times en route to a season-high 22 points. Dunks are cool, dunks are fun, and we're going to watch them again.

Film Room: Clippers outlast Pelicans in final 100

In the final 100 seconds of the game, the Los Angeles Clippers upended the New Orleans Pelicans with some tough mid-range jumpers and some suffocating defense. We're going to take a look back at it.

Film Room: Coach's Son Was Hotter Than The Sun

In just his second game back from injury, Austin Rivers delivered a performance that helped the Los Angeles Clippers defeat the Charlotte Hornets. Let's look back at it.

Film Room: Chris Paul goes full Point God

From beginning to end against the Washington Wizards on Monday night, Chris Paul was the best player on the floor. His vision, his prowess, his intelligence, and his excellence were all on display. We'll revisit his magnificence.

Film Room: Paul Pierce does a Jesus impersonation

After hibernating for the fall and beginning of winter, Paul Pierce brought out the haymakers as the Los Angeles Clippers knocked off the Utah Jazz on Saturday night. Let's look back.

Film Room: Clippers hand out presents vs Lakers

In the first quarter, the entire starting lineup for the Los Angeles Clippers made an impact. It wasn't hard to see why each one is good at their job.

Film Room: Clippers Find Cole in Their Stocking

In the loss against the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Clippers received an early Christmas present from Cole Aldrich.

Film Room: When 3's Fly, Clippers Die

As the Clippers kept attempting to claw back into the game against the Rockets on Saturday night, Trevor Ariza hit three huge threes in the span of 3 minutes to keep them at bay. We're going to watch the three 3's all over again.

Film Room: Mbah a Moute defends Kawhi Leonard

In a great game, there are often little position battles that help decide who wins and who loses. Last night, the Clippers and Spurs engaged in one of those battles as Luc Mbah a Moute attempted to shut down Kawhi Leonard.

Film Room: CP3's scoring acumen shows up vs Bucks

Chris Paul brought out his arsenal of scoring moves to help lead the Los Angeles Clippers to a win over the Milwaukee Bucks. It's time to look back at it.

Film Room: Inside the 24-8 Pistons run in the 4th

No, you did not simply replay the 24-8 run by the Brooklyn Nets in the 4th quarter from the other night. This was an entirely new 24-8 run by an opponent, and it allowed the Detroit Pistons to almost snatch victory away from the Los Angeles Clippers.

Film Room: Inside the 24-8 Nets run in the 4th

With 8 minutes to go, the Los Angeles Clippers had an 85-67 lead, and then the Brooklyn Nets went on a 24-8 run in 4:10 to cut the lead down to 2 points. This Film Room examines what the Nets did on offense.

Film Room: Clippers Shoot Themselves in Foot

in an 83-80 loss, 40-percent of the Clippers shot came from the 18 to 23 foot range, a trend that is limiting the Clippers offense.

Film Room: A Truly Redickulous Third Quarter

In just 10 third quarter minutes, J.J. Redick dropped 15 points on 6-of-8 shooting, and he helped put the Clippers in a position to win. This edition of the Film Room will look at his made field goals from that quarter, and diagnose how it happened.

Film Room: Johnson smothers Wiggins on defense

An unbelievable athlete himself, Wesley Johnson was able to hold Andrew Wiggins in check during a lot of their matchup on Monday evening. This Film Room looks at that battle.

Film Room: Clippers deliver 320 seconds of heart

After looking sluggish and morose for the better part of the game, the Los Angeles Clippers flipped a switch in the final 6 minutes and beat the Orlando Magic to the finish line. Let's break it down.

Film Room: Doc Diagnoses Wrong Ailment

Last night, the Los Angeles Clippers were defeated by the Indiana Pacers in a game that saw the good guys play without two of their best players. But this Film Room came about because of what happened after the game.

Film Room: Austin Rivers Keeps Flashing His D

In an ongoing story this season, Austin Rivers is playing some superb defense. Against Minnesota, he showcased a variety of ways he can stop an opponent in their tracks.

Film Room: Lance Made Us Dance With Glee

No one knows what his status is on this team anymore, but Lance Stephenson had a very nice performance Friday night as the Los Angeles Clippers defeated the New Orleans Pelicans. This Film Room will be diving into it.

Film Room: Why be thankful for the Clippers?

On a day of thanks, Film Room finds silver linings in the loss against the Jazz.

Film Room: Wesley Johnson shines as a starter

In his first start of the season, Wesley Johnson did an above-average job and showcased the type of stuff that the Los Angeles Clippers need out of their small forward.

Film Room: The Difference Effort Makes

A late second half run almost brought the Clippers back against the Raptors. We take a look at how a lack of defensive idleness created the deficit and how better effort nearly erased the deficit.

Film Room: Boxing Out Shouldn't Be This Tough

Last night in Portland, the team really struggled with a fundamental portion of basketball – boxing out and rebounding. We're going to take a look at it.

Film Room: Why 73 Years Old Is Too Old To Defend

So, perhaps it's time for Doc Rivers to stop actually playing Jamal Crawford and Paul Pierce together. If last night's game is any indication, it'll never work.

Film Room: Should Wesley Johnson Start

Without Chris Paul, J.J. Redick, and then no Blake Griffin for the second half, the Phoenix Suns shattered the Clippers 118-104. Reserves played more minutes than normal and Wesley Johnson rose above the rest.

Film Room: Clippers get defensive against Pistons

After giving up a slew of buckets in the first half, the Clippers stifled the Pistons in the second half. This Film Room looks at some of the drastic changes Los Angeles made on that end.

Film Room: Austin Rivers Did Some Good Stuff

In a game that ended up being a frustrating loss, it should be mentioned that much-maligned Austin Rivers did a whole host of good things on the basketball court. This Film Room looks back at it.

Film Room: Why Pacing Matters

The Clippers beat the Grizzlies 94-92 despite playing a Memphis style game. The Clippers changed the pace just enough to win the game.

Film Room: How to NOT guard James Harden

It's never good when an opposing player lights you up for 46 points. It's even worse when the defense, or lack thereof, is why he did so.

Film Room: Clippers starters shine in Oracle

In a game between two NBA titans, it was the Warriors who won the game; but did the Clippers win a key battle when the starting units went head-to-head? Come on inside and find out.