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NBA Rivalry Week -- Feuds Around SB Nation

It's Rivalry Day for the NBA blogs of SB Nation, and around the league it's surprising how many teams view the Lakers or the Celtics as their rival, but of course the Lakers and Celtics only have eyes for each other.

Rivalry Week -- Clippers-Lakers Rivalry Heating Up

When it comes to rivalries, for the Clippers there is really only one team: sharing a city and an arena with the Lakers makes them a geographic rival, and for the time being at least it looks like a good competitive rivalry as well.

NBA Rivalry Day

Another Theme Day across SB Nation

Rivalry Week -- Which Teams are True LAC Rivals?

What is the true nature of rivalry? Who is the Clippers biggest rival? There's an obvious answer, but are there other answers as well?

Rivalry Week -- Poll 2 of 3 -- Western Conference

Aside from the Lakers, who is the Clippers biggest Western Conference rival?

Rivalry Week -- Poll 3 of 3 -- Eastern Conference

Do the Clippers have any team that would qualify as a rival in the Eastern Conference?