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Clipper Fan Moments

The Clipper Fan Moment Contest
We've all had those moments
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First Prize - Two tickets to Clippers v. Sonics, November 4, courtesy of Barry's Tickets

Second Prize - Two tickets to Clippers v. Suns, October 18 (Pre-season), courtesy of Barry's Tickets

Rules - Rules? In a knife fight? There are no rules! Just click on 'Post New Diary' (a diary is really just another blog entry, only created by you, so it's probably not as good as the stuff I write) and type in your best Clipper Fan Moment. Entries must be received by Sunday, September 30th, at midnight PT. Voting begins October 1. Voting will be conducted on ClipsNation polls.

For more information on Clipper Fan Moments please see the original post. Good luck! Have fun!