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The Sterling File -- from the Clips Nation archives

The Clippers have long had the worst owner in sports, but his actions finally forced the NBA to do something about it and on April 29, 2014, Donald Sterling was banned from the NBA for life.

The Real Problem With Donald Sterling

Owner Donald Sterling hasn't managed the Clippers like a racist - just like a cheapskate

What He Said

Donald Sterling said some stupid things Monday; Kevin Arnovitz said some smart things about it

Can David Geffen Save the Clippers?

Not if Donald Sterling refuses to sell the team

LeBron Becomes Available... and the Clippers Become Invisible

Why is no one talking about LBJ in LA?

Dunleavy Files for Arbitration After Clippers Withhold Pay

This has Sterling written all over it

Dunleavy Out as Clippers GM - What Does It Mean? I Don't Know.

But I always have an opinion.

Dunleavy Out As Coach - I Did Not See That Coming

Kim Hughes takes over on interim basis - Dunleavy still GM

The Clippers and Karma

A lot has been written about the curse and karma lately

Season Ticket Holder Angst

There's plenty of angst in Clips Nation about ticket prices for next season.

Farewell to Clips Nation - ClipperSteve is Moving On

ClipperSteve is moving on - but check the calendar first.

So, Donald, What's it Gonna Take to Put You Into a New GM?

It's Been an Interesting Couple of Days in Clipper Nation

Owners Gone Wild - Sterling and Cuban Go Off on Their Teams

Donald Sterling's Tirade in the Clippers Locker Room

Who's To Blame?

Should Mike Dunleavy Sr. Be Fired?