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The Lob, The Jam, The Podcast

Clips Nation's resident podcast, hosted by Patrick Zajac and featuring a rotating cast and crew of site editors and writers.

TLTJTP: Lucas and Jag Clippers Trade Deadline Talk Pt. 3

Lucas and Jag are back to finish up their 2020 NBA Trade Deadline talk, discussing Clippers rumors and potential trade targets with the deadline just over a day away.

TLTJTP: Clippers Trade Deadline Talk Part Two

The trade deadline is just over a week away, so Lucas and Jag are back with another special edition of TLTJTP to discuss potential Clippers trades.

TLTJTP: Surging Clippers, Kawhi’s Dominance, and Remembering Kobe

Rob and Shap start off the pod by discussing the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant in a helicopter crash as well as his importance to the NBA and Los Angeles. They then switch to Clippers mode, chatting about the team’s recent successes and the dominance of Kawhi Leonard.

TLTJTP: Clippers Picking Up Some Momentum and Trade Talk

Rob and Shap are joined by Lucas to talk about the Clippers recent stretch of games as well as some possible trade chatter.

TLTJTP: Clippers Finish Inconsistent Week 3-1

The Clippers continue to be up and down, opening the week with a nice W in Sacramento then tripping plenty the rest of the way including an embarrassing blowout home loss to Memphis. Are Rob and Shap panicking yet?

TLTJTP: Recent Clippers Highs and Lows, Featuring Questions with Mo Harkless, Doc Rivers, and Kawhi Leonard

Rob and Shap chat about the thrilling win against the Lakers as well as the tough loss against the Jazz, paired with some questions that Shap was able to ask Kawhi, Doc, and Moe at the Jazz game.

TLTJTP: Clippers Take Impressive Road Wins in Toronto and Indiana

Rob and Shap enjoyed two of the Clippers best wins of the season in Indiana and Toronto, with the Clippers mostly impressing this road trip despite a dud against a more seasoned Bucks team.

TLTJTP: Clippers Put Up 150 Again, Go 3-1 for the Week

Rob and Shap talk about this past Clipper week, which was highlighted on each side by impressive wins, sandwiching a meh win in Memphis as well as a poor loss in San Antonio. How close is this team to their potential?

TLTJTP: Clippers Reel Off Impressive Wins in Perfect Homestand

Rob and Shap were finally able to relax during a blowout victory against the Pelicans, but were otherwise on the edge of their seats watching a thrilling trio of close victories the rest of the week against the Thunder, Celtics, and Rockets.

TLTJTP: Kawhi Load Management, Paul George’s Return, and Clippers Slugging out Wins

Rob and Shap look back on a predictable 1-1 split this past week, and also chat about Kawhi Leonard’s health and future longevity. The crew also look forward to Paul George’s return, and discuss what that might mean for the rest of the rotation.

TLTJTP: Clippers Improve to 5-2 Following Two Bruising Victories at Home

Rob and Shap talk about the week that was, including a loss in Utah without Kawhi and a couple of rugged Ws against those same Jazz and a quality Spurs team.

TLTJTP: Clippers Open 2020 NBA Season with Win over Lakers

Rob and Shap enjoyed the Kawhi-led Clippers defeating the Lakers in a thrilling opening night and are here to talk all about it. The guys also talk about life as a Clipper fan in LA and how that might be changing with this new group of players.

TLTJTP: Preseason Winding Down, and Interviews with Landry Shamet, Ivica Zubac, and Terance Mann

Rob and Shap chat about more preseason action, including Kawhi Leonard’s Clipper debut, and discuss the Clippers’ new jerseys. Additionally, Shap got to talk to some of the guys before and after the Nuggets game, with the audio from those interviews included in the pod.

TLTJTP: First Two Games of Clippers Preseason and Early Impressions

Rob and Shap have watched some mediocre preseason basketball and you know what, they are totally stoked about it. The guys discuss what they think of the Clippers role players and whether there are any meaningful takeaways from preseason thus far.

TLTJTP: Clippers Media Day, and Wrapping up Clippers 18-19 Retrospectives

Rob and Shap are joined by Mike Jaglin to talk a bit about media day, and then the guys finish their 18-19 retrospectives on the rest of the Clippers bench before looking ahead to the new season.

TLTJTP: SI Top 100 NBA Players, Shaun Livingston Retirement, Tobi/Gallo 18-19 Retrospective

Rob and Shap are in the midst of the lull of the NBA offseason: September. Still, enough things are going on around the exciting new Clippers to discuss, and the guys also reminisce about two great forwards that are gone: Danilo Gallinari and Tobias Harris.

TLTJTP: The Sterling Tapes, Ty Lue, and the 19-20 Schedule

Rob and Shap reflect on the new ESPN 30 for 30 podcast series focusing on Donald Sterling, as well as talk about some of the latest offseason happenings regarding the Clippers.

TLTJTP: Patrick Patterson, Schedule Talk, FIBA, and Pat Beverley 18-19 Retrospective

Rob and Shap discuss the possibility of Patrick Patterson joining the Clippers and then dive into some Clippers news nuggets in August. The guys also take a few moments to talk about Patrick Beverley’s memorable year.

TLTJTP: Mike Jaglin Joins to Talk New Show, Clips Over/Under, and the Inglewood Arena

Shap and Rob are joined by Lucas Hann as well as Mike Jaglin, formerly of ClipCast, who will be starting a new podcast show with Clips Nation. Jag and the guys discuss his pod, the Clippers’ over/under, the new arena in Inglewood, and Brian Sieman as the voice of the Clippers.

TLTJTP: Return of Founding Father Pat Zajac, and Retrospective on 18-19 Rookie Guards

Rob and Shap are hyped to be joined by TLTJTP founder Patrick Zajac to talk about this exciting new Clipper era. Then the guys get back to their 18-19 recap, talking about the rookie guards and one sadly departed Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

TLTJTP: Clipper Steve Returns to Discuss New Look Clips and Summer League Thoughts

Rob and Shap are once again joined by Steve Perrin after the Clippers very eventful past week to talk about the current state of the Clips, and Rob also chats about his Summer League thoughts fresh from Vegas.

TLTJTP: The Kawhi and Paul George acquisitions, the return of Zu, and the mounting Clippers-Lakers rivalry

Rob and Shap are joined by Sabreena to talk a bit more about the momentous Kawhi Leonard/Paul George acquisitions, as well as discuss the rest of the roster and the growing rivalry with the Lakers.

TLTJTP: Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are Los Angeles Clippers!!

WHAT IT DO BABAAY. Rob, Lucas, and Shap are beside themselves, as are a host of guest Clippers fans and media members. The Clippers paid a hefty price to get Paul George, but in doing so now have the most dynamic swing duo in the league. Missed wings all these years? Well, we got a couple for you!

TLTJTP: The Kawhi Leonard Situation, Mo Harkless Trade, and Pat Beverley Re-Signing

Lucas, Rob, and Shap recap the few moves the Clippers have completed in the early days of free agency, and talk a bit about all the recent Kawhi Leonard rumblings.

TLTJTP: Final Preview of Clippers Free Agency

Rob and Shap are joined by Lucas to talk about impending free agency, Clippers scenarios, and destination predictions for free agents, including Clipper players.

TLTJTP: Clippers Draft Recap and Free Agency Chatter

Rob and Shap talk about the Clippers draft picks with draft expert Trevor Magnotti, and discuss free agency news with Lucas Hann.

TLTJTP: Recapping the NBA Finals and the Clippers’ Looming Offseason

Rob and Shap are joined by Lucas to talk about the NBA Finals, the huge ramifications of the series and the injuries that took place in it, and how it all may affect the Clippers this summer.

TLTJTP: Reviewing the 2018-2019 Clippers Centers, and NBA Finals Talk

Rob and Shap talk about the Clipper centers from this past season, and give a few takes on the Finals thus far.

TLTJTP: Clippers’ Free Agency, Kawhi Gloom, and Playoff Talk

Rob and Shap are joined by Lucas to talk about some summer stuff, and commiserate about what feels like the dwindling odds that Kawhi comes to the Clippers.

TLTJTP: Clips Nation Founder Steve Perrin Discusses All Things Clippers

Rob and Shap are joined by a special guest, Steve Perrin, founder of Clips Nation and writer of too many Clips Nation articles to count. Steve talks about his journey to becoming a Clippers fan and writer, his favorite Clippers teams and players, and more.

TLTJTP: Love Letter to the 2018-2019 Clippers

Rob and Shap still think about what was an awesome Clippers team and feel like talking about it, as well as what’s going on in the NBA playoffs right now.

TLTJTP: Clippers fight til Finish, But Season Ends in Game 6 to Warriors

Rob and Shap talk about the fight the Clippers continued to put out against an all-time Warriors team, and touch a little bit on the Clippers’ season as a whole.